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‘An outstanding performance from emerging actor Alice Foulcher takes this lean and plucky film about stymied ambition to another level.’
 The Guardian

‘Foulcher and Erdstein’s screenplay detonates truth bombs about the entertainment industry. Foulcher conveys low self-esteem with the comedic flair of a Kristin Wiig.’
Time Out

‘A stunning exploration of identity, the industry and the thirst for fame… the perfect blend of comedy and tragedy.’
Huffington Post

‘Foulcher is a knockout. Quirky, funny, poignant and totally charming, That’s Not Me is a winner.’
–  Urban Cinefile

‘Absolutely charming local production. Whip-smart… A really interesting new voice in cinema.’
 ABC News Breakfast

‘Bursting with comedy, humanity and interesting ideas.’
The Age

‘Foulcher is wonderful as Polly… a clever, funny, perceptive movie.’
 The Australian

‘Strikes a perfect balance between silly and smart, accessible and fantastic . . . one of the most promising and original Australian films in years.’
– AWFJ Women on Film

‘Its refreshingly relaxed feel and a wonderful performance by Foulcher in a deceptively demanding role ensures it never outstays its welcome.’
 Herald Sun

‘Earnest, astute, insightful and thoroughly amusing. This is a movie that is both universal and unmistakably Australian – and that’s just one of many delicate balancing acts that That’s Not Me achieves.’
 Concrete Playground

‘A resounding 4 stars. I really want people to see this film…Alice Foulcher is a knockout…a sequel would be welcome.’

‘One of the best twin performances I’ve ever seen…the film industry is sent up with as much absurdist zeal as the recording industry is in Flight of the Conchords.
Ain’t It Cool News

‘Alice Foulcher may well be the comic talent of her age…This is sophisticated, popular stuff…so smart and finally not frightened to be a little sentimental as well.’
Film Alert 101

‘A diamond in the rough . . . leaves you wanting more.’
Film Blerg

‘Where have the husband and wife team of Gregory Erdstein and Alice Foulcher been all our lives? We’ve missed them, even if we didn’t know them, because they’ve created one of the best Aussie comedies of recent years.’
A Film Life

‘There’s not a dud note in That’s Not Me thanks to a solid foundation in a script by Alice Foulcher and Gregory Erdstein, and anchored by a winning lead performance by Foulcher and helmed with an assured hand by Erdstein. The support casting is impeccable…Isabel Lucas is ferociously good’
Sydney Arts Guide

‘An emotionally resonant and comedic quarter life crisis… It’s a simple set-up delivered endlessly in comedy, but managed so well in That’s Not Me that you remember how rare it is that balance is achieved in Australian films.’

‘That’s Not Me manages to remain as hopeful as it is grounded and as cheeky as it is awkward – more than achieves success.’

‘In the vein of The Castle… it’s a unique Australian comedy… it deserves to be seen. Hilarious, do go and see That’s Not Me.’
Weekend Sunrise

‘Told with great humour, genuine emotion and real skill…Alice Foulcher is a great comic actor, she is going to be huge…I LOVED it…Go see it!’
ABC Afternoons, Adelaide 

‘Laugh-out-loud Australian comedy gold. That’s Not Me marks the arrival of a formidable filmmaking duo.’
Cinema Australia

‘The film profits from both the cosmic cruelty of someone physically the same being perceived so differently and the lead’s note-perfect facial expressions of disbelief.’
The Sunday Age

‘While Australian comedies have, in recent times, proven a sad and sorry lot, That’s Not Me is a now-rare exception, with a strain of genuine humour running throughout.’
 The Adelaide Review

‘A marvel of indie ingenuity, with dollops of charm and confident direction.’

‘Thoroughly entertaining for Foulcher’s magnetic delivery and its novel premise, That’s Not Me shows just how far a solid script and a well-placed lead can take a film.’ 
2SER 107.3

‘Heartfelt and quirky Aussie comedy about finding your place in the world, with some great inside industry references for film fans and aspiring stars alike.’
The Reel Bits