THAT’S NOT ME is the debut feature from writer/director Gregory Erdstein and actor/writer Alice Foulcher. Married since 2013, the pair met while studying in 2008 at the acclaimed Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) School of Film and Television in Melbourne, Australia. They have collaborated on several short films including the TROPFEST (2014) finalist short A BIT RICH, and the critically acclaimed PICKING UP AT AUSCHWITZ. THAT’S NOT ME was written during an eight-month writing residency in Paris at the prestigious Cité des Art Internationale.

THAT’S NOT ME was released in Australian cinemas from 7 September 2017, exclusively at Palace Cinemas. It will be released on DVD, iTunes, VOD on 13 December 2017. Pre-order THAT’S NOT ME on DVD now! (Australia only)

2017 Santa Barbara International Film Festival (World Premiere)
2017 Sydney Film Festival
(Australian Premiere WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD TOP 10)
2017 Raindance Film Festival (European Premiere)
2017 Melbourne International Film Festival (WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD TOP 10)
2017 New Zealand International Film Festival
2017 Brisbane International Film Festival
2017 Phoenix Film Festival
2017 Palm Beach International Film Festival
2017 Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival
2017 Great Barrier Reef International Film Festival
2017 Byron Bay Film Festival
2017 Festival des Antipodes

‘An outstanding performance from emerging actor Alice Foulcher takes this lean and plucky film about stymied ambition to another level. A young and spunky cast and crew have installed in this smart and sassy dramedy a highly disciplined, tonally cohesive style. It is refreshing to see that kind of storytelling discipline (Erdstein assisted by editor Ariel Shaw) particularly from a first-time film-maker.’
4 Stars, The Guardian

‘A stunning exploration of identity, the industry and the thirst for fame…the perfect blend of comedy and tragedy.’
Huffington Post

‘Foulcher and Erdstein’s screenplay detonates truth bombs about the entertainment industry. Andrew S. Gilbert brings class to the role of the twins’ supportive dad, and Rowan Davie is loathsome as a narcissistic hipster theatre director. Foulcher, meanwhile, conveys low self-esteem with the comedic flair of a Kristin Wiig.’
4 stars, Time Out

‘A splendid screenplay filled with acute observations and hilarious comic touches tinged with pathos. Sibling rivalry, celebrity and chasing dreams have never been so much fun in this energetic, uplifting character-driven comedy. A breath of fresh air… Quirky, funny, poignant and totally charming, That’s Not Me is a winner.’
–  Urban Cinefile

‘Bursting with comedy, humanity and interesting ideas.’
Karl Quinn, The Age

‘An emotionally resonant and comedic quarter life crisis… It’s a simple set-up delivered endlessly in comedy, but managed so well in THAT’S NOT ME that you remember how rare it is that balance is achieved in Australian films.’

‘There’s not a dud note in THAT’S NOT ME thanks to a solid foundation in a script by Alice Foulcher and Gregory Erdstein, and anchored by a winning lead performance by Foulcher and helmed with an assured hand by Erdstein. The support casting is impeccable…Isabel Lucas is ferociously good’
Sydney Arts Guide

‘…one of the best twin performances I’ve ever seen…the film industry is sent up with as much absurdist zeal as the recording industry is in FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS’
Ain’t It Cool News

‘Alice Foulcher may well be the comic talent of her age…This is sophisticated, popular stuff…so smart and finally not frightened to be a little sentimental as well.’
Film Alert 101

‘Not since EXTRAS has anything so honed in on the deeply resonant desire to persevere that both plagues and propels so many performers…Thoroughly entertaining for Foulcher’s magnetic delivery and its novel premise, THAT’S NOT ME shows just how far a solid script and a well-placed lead can take a film.’ 
2SER 107.3

‘THAT’S NOT ME is a marvel of indie ingenuity, with dollops of charm and confident direction.’

‘Heartfelt and quirky Aussie comedy about finding your place in the world, with some great inside industry references for film fans and aspiring stars alike.’
The Reel Bits